There are 11 international airports in Uruguay: Artigas, Carmelo, Carrasco, Colonia, Melilla, Melo, Paysandú, Punta del Este, Rivera, Salto and Santa Bernardina[1]. The main one is the International Airport of Carrasco (AIC), located in the outskirts of Montevideo. The airport opened in 2009 and was designated as one of the four best airports in the world in 2011 (Frontier Awards 2011). It operates under the free airport system, a passenger terminal and a cargo terminal, and has sectors divided according to their operations (chemical/pharmaceutical, electronic, etc.) as well as areas for carrying out picking activities, order preparation, etc.

Table 1- Carrasco International Airport Indicators

Investment: USD 165 million

1.70 million passengers used the airport (2015)
31,391 tons of mobilized goods (2015)
Terminal area: 45.000 m2
8 gates for simultaneous use in remote and fixed boarding
4 telescopic air bridges
44 check- in positions.
24 migration desks
1,200 parking spots



In November 2003, Puerta del Sur S.A. was granted the concession to operate the airport for a 20-year term, with the option of extending the contract for an additional 10-year period. In 2009, the new passenger and cargo terminals were inaugurated in the outskirts of Montevideo.

Terminal de Cargas Uruguay

The Uruguayan Cargo Terminal – TCU S.A – processes 100% of the air trade to and from Uruguay. The company started by re-adapting the existing infrastructure and went on to build the new facilities.
Today it offers a 4-hectare area in a free airport regime with 13,500m2 constructed, being 3,500 m2 of which are offices, and 10,500 m2 are warehouses. There is even a nearby 8-hectare lot under the same legal framework and the plan is to expand the infrastructure further.
The terminal offers racks for the storage of goods, electric forklifts for handling of goods, a cold storage capacity of 2,100 m3 and armored safes for the custody of assets.

[1] Source: National Directorate of Civil Aviation and Aeronautical Infrastructure.