Uruguay’s main international airport is Carrasco International Airport (AIC), located in the department of Canelones. This airport was designated as one of the four best airports in the world in 2011 (Frontier Awards 2011).


It is the only airport in Latin America that operates under the Free Airport regime.

It includes the new passenger terminal and a cargo terminal operated by Uruguayan Cargo Terminal (TCU), both inaugurated in 2009.

Uruguayan Cargo Terminal

The Uruguayan Cargo Terminal -TCU S.A.- processes 100% of the air trade of Uruguay.

It currently offers a 4-hectare area under the Free Airport regime, with 14,500 m2 constructed, of which 3,500 m2 are offices and 11,000 m2 are warehouses. Additionally, they have an 8-hectare authorized lot under the same legal framework, where the plan is to further expand the infrastructure.