Logistics and distribution, consultancy and professional services, financial services, software + ITO. 

Located at Route 8 km 17 500, just 9 km (10 min) from the  Carrasco International Airport, 40 km (45-min drive) from the Port of Montevideo. Being located to the East of the city and away from the downtown area contribute to a more comfortable and speedy access.

The operations in Zonamerica account for 1.78% of the Uruguayan GDP; the Park is home to over 280 firms and is staffed by 8,000 employees that provide services to the global market. The park’s 26 buildings provide 51,000 m2 of flexible and scalable space for offices, 56,000 m2 devoted to warehouses and 300,000 m2 of green areas, plazas, parks and lakes (commons).

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Parque de las Ciencias

High Quality Manufacturing.  Specialized in Biotechnology and Pharmacology.

Its conception is founded on adopting the highest level of technology in its infrastructure and on the efficiency of its services, aimed at receiving companies in the science and technology sectors.

The park enjoys a privileged location, on Route 101 km 23,500, in the department of Canelones, next to Montevideo and less than 1 km from Carrasco International Airport and 55 km (50 min) from the port of Montevideo.

Zona Franca Colonia

Integrated logistics, commissioning and operations of manufacturing facilities, financial services, information technology, insurance and professional services.

Over 130,000 m2 of warehouses, manufacturing sites and offices in a 22-hectare area. We meet the most relevant international requirements to enhance the efficiency and security of their transactions.

Zona Franca Colonia is located in the city of Colonia del Sacramento, offering an unbeatable strategic location on the Río de la Plata – 178 km away from Montevideo, 600 m from the Port of Colonia and only 45 km (via ferry) from Buenos Aires. The complex is connected by frequent regular river/land and air transportation services.

Zona Franca Colonia Suiza

Industrial, Commercial and Services Park.

The park has metal buildings for the commissioning of Regional Distribution Centers for goods or manufacturing facilities. The premises are erected in independent lots, with a 10-meter perimeter separating each building from the closest construction.

Buildings have a 7-meter usable height; no intermediate columns; reinforced concrete floors finished with a monolithic quartz top. Concrete entrances and 5 x 5 m overhead gates, equipped with loading and discharging docks. Each building is equipped with electrical installations and smart fire and burglar/intruder detection systems, connected with the Free Zone central surveillance system.

The complex is located at the entrance of Nueva Helvecia, Colonia, a town founded by Swiss immigrants in the early nineteenth century. It is 50 km from the Port of Colonia, less than 130 km from Buenos Aires (via ferry) and Montevideo, and 150 km from the Port of Nueva Palmira.

Zona Franca Floridasur

Industrial, Commercial and Services Park.

FloridaSur is located in the center of the country, on National Route 5, just 93 km from Montevideo, 300 km from the border with Argentina and 360 km from the Brazilian border. At present its facilities extend over more than 70,000 m2, and its inside paved roads stretch over 1,000 m.

Zona Franca Libertad

Industrial, Commercial and Services Park.

The free zone is located on National Route 1, barely 45 km (30 min) from the Port of Montevideo and 70 km (1 hour) from Carrasco International Airport.

The park is in the midst of a 35 ha. site that offers facilities such as container yard, car parking lot, road works machinery lot, general warehouses for different sources of goods, cold storage facilities, as well as all the core services required for rapid and efficient logistics.

Aguada Park

Financial, professional, trading, outsourcing & IT services.

This 56,000 m2 complex is located at a strategic site in Montevideo, very easily accessed from any other area of the city, and close to the capital city’s financial center and all the teaching centers.

Aguada Park offers its clients the state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure required to provide dependable and professional services, especially designed to meet the needs of all the companies operating in their buildings.

WTC Free Zone

Global Exports Services.

Integrated to the Montevideo WTC Complex – easily and quickly accessible from any corner of town, but especially easy to access to and from strategic areas, such as the Carrasco International Airport Terminal, or the Port of Montevideo itself.

WTC Free Zone was conceived with vanguard construction and architectural features, tapping on the most modern technologies and the best materials. Owing to its pillar-free layout that provides unobstructed and flexible facilities, it offers office spaces for rental, with the flexibility required to adapt to the clients’ needs,. Furthermore, WTC Free Zone has an international Heliport.

Zona Franca UPM Fray Bentos

Wood pulp production.

UPM has three business groups: Energy and wood pulp, Paper and Transformed materials. The company has two production sites in 17 countries and gives employment to approximately 24,000 people across the globe. UPM’s annual turnover exceeds 10 billion Euros. UPM production centers are among the best in the world in terms of their production efficacy, competitiveness and technology.

The site in Uruguay started operating in November 2007, and it is located on the coast of the Uruguay River, 4 km to the east of the city Fray Bentos.  Its production capacity is 1,100,000 tons of bleached wood pulp annually. This production center is among the best in the world in terms of production efficacy, competitiveness and technology.

Zona Franca Punta Pereira

Industrial. Production of wood pulp.

Montes del Plata is building a paper mill in the Punta Pereira Free Zone, in Colonia. This industrial complex is to implement the most stringent environmental and safety practices, to include:

–    A state-of-the-art plant that will run efficiently and sustainably, thanks to a strong investment in technology, research and improvement of the forestry plantations.

–    A biomass-based power plant for self-sufficiency of the mill.

–    A port terminal to provide the logistics services for the plant. The Terminal planned is equipped with two docks: one for barges – to allow for the reception of logs, and the other for ocean vessels, to cater for the handling of wood pulp for exports.

Zona Franca Nueva Palmira

Grain storage.

This Free Zone accommodates two terminals Corporación Navios y Ontur.