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Be the scope of articulation from which sector actors lead the process of promotion, professionalization, innovation, and training, to turn Uruguay into a Logistics Hub that drives national development.


To become the center of knowledge and promotion of reference for the logistics sector. Cooperate with other institutions and identify improvement opportunities that promote the development of the Hub.


Through synergy among stakeholders, strengthen Uruguay as a modern, agile, and efficient Hub. Promote investments with an emphasis on infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, aiming to create more employment opportunities and qualified human capital. Thus, consolidate an internationally recognized development model, with increased activity and positively valued by society.


mapa 1
    • Official Name
      República Oriental del Uruguay
    • Geographical Location
      South America, bordered by Argentina and Brazil
    • Capital
    • Area
      176,215 km²
    • Population
      3.4 million
    • Population Growth
      0.4% (annual)
    • GDP per capita
    • Currency
      Uruguayan peso ($)
    • Literacy Rate
    • Life Expectancy at Birth
      77 years
    • Form of Government
      Democratic Republic with Presidential System
    • Political Division
      19 Departments
    • Time Zone
      GMT -03:00
    • Official Language

General characteristics

  • IMAGENES WEBUruguay offers a high degree of security and comfort for living.
  • IMAGENES WEBUruguay has for years boasted strong political and social stability, backed by a consolidated democracy, which makes the country a safe place to invest.
  • IMAGENES WEBThe political system is based on a democratic republic with a presidential system. Presidential and parliamentary elections every five years, with a plurality of political parties.
  • IMAGENES WEBThe legal system is based on legal norms approved by Parliament and promulgated by the Executive Branch.
  • IMAGENES WEBPeople who visit the country only require a valid passport, except for some exceptions in which a visa is additionally required; MERCOSUR citizens only require an identity document.