Given the infrastructure already available in Uruguay and the projects underway on this matter, added to an important technological component and skilled human capital, our country is capable of providing all types of services to the international cargo in transit, applying high quality standards.

Traditional based on cargo
Transportation and transshipment of goods in international transit, to and from the region. Reception and control, storage, consolidation of dispatches (cross-docking), packaging and conditioning of goods in accordance with the customers’ requirements and the regulations in force in the countries of destination.

Differential based on cargo. Logistics added value

Small plants of semi-industrial activities, installed in the logistics centers for the packaging, splitting, blending and mixing between the production processes, to adapt product to the needs of the end clients (customization). These activities are typically labor intensive processes or processes that involve high technology.

Coordination of the supply chain

Professional and administrative logistics services that co-ordinate the operations of the clients with their logistics suppliers or links of the Supply Chain, highlighting the active international coordination of the flow of goods undergoing international transit, with manufacturing sites, shipping companies, freight forwarders, port and airport terminals. Other services offered are prospection and services and selection of logistics suppliers (brokers, freighters, logistics operators) in the countries of destination of goods.

Professional consultancy and IT Development

Exports of consultancy services and execution of tailor-made projects, such as development information systems for logistics or design of the lay-out of installations for distribution centers of clients in other countries.

Sourcing, maintenance and refurbishing services

This type of service includes sourcing, supply of spare parts and materials, maintenance and repairs of the fleet and its components.

Furthermore, the Temporary Admission Act also raises the possibility of undertaking overhauling and refurbishing activities. An example of this is the introduction of used machinery in temporary admission or international transit, to update it technologically for its subsequent distribution in the region.